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Sumela Monastery Entrance Fee


Sümela Manastırı Giriş Ücreti - Trabzon

Sumela Monastery (Sümela Manastırı) has been closed since 2015 due to restoration works. Sumela Monastery‘s courtyard until the first part of the most important tourism centers in Turkey and Trabzon, was opened to visitors for the day May 25, 2019.

This opening, which consists of the opening of the sections whose landscaping has been completed, called “first stage”, has not been able to meet the expectations after the restoration works of the Sumela Monastery, which has been going on for 4 years.

Despite all these problems, 2 thousand 63 people visited the Sumela Monastery from Saturday, 25 May 2019 to Tuesday, 28 May 2019. This is a very good figure. Considering the effect of being in Ramadan, the fact that 2 thousand people visited the Sumela Monastery as soon as it opened, means that approximately 600 thousand people will visit the Sumela Monastery and Trabzon this year.


Sümela Manastırı

As of June 1, 2020 the entrance fee to the Sumela Monastery has been set as 50₺ per person by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. However, as seen in the photo above, it is not possible to visit a place within the Sumela Monastery for 2019, except for the area marked with a blue ring. However, from May 2020, the entire Sumela Monastery is expected to be open to visitors.

Sümela Manastırı Freskleri

The entrance fee to Sumela Monastery is 50 Turkish Liras also in 2020. Tickets are free for children under 8 years. Museum Pass Turkey is valid at the entrance to Trabzon Soumela Monastery.


Sumela Monastery is open to visitors between 8:00 am and 7:00 pm in the summer season between 1 April and 1 October. It closes at 5:00 pm between 1 October and 1 April, which is considered the winter season. Sumela Monastery is open to visitors every day of the week.


Another question mark that leaves curiosity in mind is the Museum Card. Nothing is normal, as if you are wondering whether you will come to Trabzon and pay for every place you visit.

Since the Sumela Monastery is under the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Museum Card is valid at the entrance. If you have a Museum Card that you have received in the last 1 year, you can visit the sections of the Sumela Monastery free of charge by paying only the National Parks Entrance Fee.

Museum Cards - Turkey


Muzekart can be used by Turkish citizens, citizens of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, foreigners with Turkish residence permit, foreign students enrolled in associate degree, bachelor’s degree and master’s degree programs of higher education institutions in our country and students who are enrolled in universities in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus affiliated with the Council of Higher Education provided that they present university identification cards.


The gates of history are wide open with the Museum Pass. With this card, you will be able to visit the historical and cultural treasures of Turkey, free of charge and without having to queue. The Museum Pass is valid for 7 days or 72 hours, beginning with your first museum visit. The card can only be used at each museum once.

The advantages offered to holders of the card are not just limited to this; attractive discounts await at the any city’s elite private museums, together with arts and entertainments venues, museum shops and GES (Geleneksel El Sanatlari) shops.

To get further information please visit the muze.gov.tr and muzekart.com to buy online e-Ticket, Muzekart and Museum Pass.


You decided to visit the Sumela Monastery and set off with your car. If you are coming to Trabzon for the first time and planning to go to Sümela Monastery with your car, a vehicle entrance fee will be waiting for you at the entrance.

Sümela Monastery is located in Altindere National Park in Maçka district of Trabzon, entrance to this region is subject to a fee and different tariffs are applied for various vehicle types.

Sümela Manastırı İç Avlu

Here is the 2022 Altindere National Park entrance fee schedule:

Bicycle 4 TL
Motorcycle, ATV 6 TL
Cars, Pickup, Pickup 12 TL
Minibus 36 TL
Midibuses 60 TL
Bus 108 TL
Person (Normal) 4 TL
Person (Student) 2 TL
Cottage – 4 beds (daily) 270 TL
Cottage – 6 beds (daily) 400 TL


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